Public Records Requests

office of the district clerk

Section 119.07(1)(a) of the Florida Statute makes clear that an agency is not authorized to require a request for records be made in writing.  Furthermore, any requestor may remain anonymous and need not disclose name, address, telephone number or similar identifying information prior to receiving copies of public records.

For those who wish to make a written request, you may complete and submit this form or otherwise please contact:
Office of the District Clerk at 954-796-6603

The request must be clear enough to enable the District to conduct a meaningful search. The District may ask questions about the request in order to respond to the request fully and in a timely manner. 

In making this request, I understand that the District is under no obligation to create a document to satisfy my request. I further understand that the records will be released only in accordance with Chapter 119 Florida Statutes.

If the District determines that a special service charge will be applied for extensive use of technology resources, clerical and/or supervisory assistance, a written estimate of charges will be provided to the requester. Receipt of a deposit will also be required prior to compiling such requests.

* = Required

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the District Clerk at 954-796-6603.