Permit Requirements

District Permit Fee Schedule

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Permit Application
Permit Fees
Five Year Recertification Form

Drainage Permit Fees
Permit Type Fee Cash Bond Required
Surface Water Management 5% of Construction Cost $2,500.00
Right of Way 5% of Construction Cost $2,500.00

Water and Sewer Plan Review and Inspection
Plan Review Fee
Water & Wastewater 2.5% of Construction Cost

Permit Renewal / Five Year Certification
Permit Type Current Fee Violation Fee
Surface Water Management $500 $200 and Actual Cost of Inspection upon Final Notice

1. Permits fee amount, represents the initial review for projects requiring District approval not to exceed three (3) hours. In addition, the cost of outside consulting services (including but not limited to engineering services, accounting services and legal services) at the rates charged by such consultants and any other costs and expenses incurred by the District in order to review applications shall be paid by the applicant.

2. The renewal fee needs to be submitted at the time of certification. Please note that failure to comply with this requirements may result in warnings followed by violations fee in the amount of $200.00.

3. Permits are issued upon receipt of cash bond.

4. Renewal fees are due upon recertification (every 5 years).

Rev. May, 2009